Pine Tree Hideaway

Go now, little one, and walk with warriors.

Welcome to my hideaway

Greetings. I am Mosspath. I see you have found my cozy little place among the pine trees. Isn't it lovely? Just breathe in, and you get a whiff of that wonderful aroma. And there's a beautiful view of the lake, right here on the edge of ShadowClan territory.

Ahh, I saw you flinch. Didn't realize you'd stumbled into ShadowClan, did you? Don't worry, Blackstar's not going to eat you. Actually, we're not as bad as you think. Other Clans don't have very high opinions of us -- they always think we're up to something. But that's not true. We're just as loyal and understanding as the next Clan, if not more so.

So, feel free to stay around for a while. I hope you'll find everything to your liking.  

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[Last update: August 15, 2011] 

How time flies! I have now realized that the Hideaway was two years old as of July 20! Hard to believe, isn't it, fellow warriors? Well, for today's update, I've added a whole bunch of new fan art and one new video. But keep your eyes peeled, for there may be a change in appearance around here. It's my gift to you for being so patient with my infrequent updates. Also, welcome to Nightpaw, our new member!

What is Warriors?
For those of you who don't know, here's a quick 411. 

My Vicky Experience
Yes, it's true! I have had the wonderful chance of meeting Erin Hunter (Victoria Holmes)! Read all about it here!

A bunch of Warriors-related stories, just for you. 

Ever notice a spot the editors missed in one of the books? 

Warrior Names
A compilation of all the warrior names I've created over the years.

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Cast your opinion into the eyes of StarClan! 

Tigerstar Essay
Bet you don't know many people who go around defending Tigerstar's good side! I wrote this for the sake of Erin Hunter, but now I'm unveiling it to the public!

Collected Things

Stuff I've found on other sites -- with due credit, of course.

Everything you ever wanted to know about this humble furball named Mosspath. 

Here you can see who is a part of this little section of the community, and you can join too! 

Some of my favorite Warriors sites on the net! (Not like you don't want to stick around here, though, right?) 

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